MHLET Local Action Groups

What is a MHLET Local Action Group?

MHLET Local Action Groups work with their local communities, with government and on behalf of MHLET, to ensure that networks are developed within local communities, government agencies and peer organisations that will foster greater understanding of the impact of mental illness on consumers, and to advise the management of MHLET and state-wide constituency on specific regional issues.

MHLET has Local Action Groups in the South, the North, and the North West of the state to ensure that people with a lived experience of mental ill-health can have a say on the full range of mental health issues that help and block recovery.

Want to join a Local Action Group?

If you have a lived experience of mental-ill health and want to participate in a forum with others, join us! All MHLET Members are welcome to attend meetings of their regional Local Action Group.

Membership is free.

You can also contact MHLET if you require a paper form to be mailed out to you.