Code of Conduct

This policy sets out guidelines for working relationships and behaviour of Flourish participants. This applies to all employees, students and volunteers, including Board Members.

All people involved in Flourish must sign and abide by the code of conduct.

Flourish expects a high standard of behaviour and professionalism from Flourish members and participants at all times.

Where members are in breach of the Code of Conduct disciplinary action may occur. If the behaviour continues, the person may not be able to continue participating in Flourish.

The following principles form the Code of Conduct:

  • Work in a professional manner, adhering to relevant professional and organisation codes of ethics, and working with respect, fairness and integrity at all times;
  • Flourish policies are to be followed, such as Workplace Health and Safety, Anti-Discrimination, Privacy and Confidentiality, Bullying and Harassment;
  • Members are respectful of colleagues and work to resolve conflict directly, in a safe and respectful manner, with an intent to improve interpersonal relationships;
  • Where conflict is not directly resolvable between two parties, the Resolution Policy or the Bullying and Harassment policy should be applied;
  • Participants and members are to conduct themselves professionally with stakeholders at all times, and not act in a manner that could bring the name of Flourish into disrepute;
  • Participants and members are to abide by the Flourish media and social media policies, ensuring they do not publicly represent a view as being held by Flourish unless they have been specifically authorised by the CEO to do so; and
  • Participants and members are to show due care when using all assets and property belonging to Flourish.