That Iron Will Travel

Whilst I was living in Melbourne, in 2000, I was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) after a traumatic event happened.
The OCD started with me checking things around the house. Initially, it took me two hours to leave for work, but during high-stress times, it could take four hours. I was frightened that something would happen that I would put things in the boot of the car such as the iron before I went to work.

Learning My Own Strength

I didn’t realise how bad it had become for a long time. I could still have fun with my friends, even though I constantly worried what they really thought about me; I could still study at University, even though the further I went with it, the more I felt like a fraud; and I still had a great family to come back to, even though I couldn’t meet new people, or socialise, or have a boyfriend.

The Diagnosis

In your diagnosis / You described me as a certain type of personality / A woman not conforming to the norm. / As I read it I thought: / I have seen this before.

I Just Can’t

Disembarking at Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne, with two hours before a connecting flight to Perth. I made the flight from Hobart can I get on the plane to Perth? It will be over three hours. I will not be able to get out. I will not be able to get back. What happens if I lose my mind during the flight?